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We have now added another department to our company. We are now distributing and fitting high quality flat roofing and general waterproofing products for roofs, walls and foundations


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IZOLMAT is a brand of professional waterproofing materials and at the same time a symbol of professional system solutions: a combination of many years of quality and tradition with modern technology. Products offered by PPMB IZOLMAT Sp. z oo in Gdansk. since 1946, from its inception to meet the highest standards of technical performance and utility.


Its high quality, brand owes its highly qualified, highly modern production line and long-term cooperation with German manufacturers and suppliers pap technology of bituminous materials. Fully automated processes processing of raw materials in the final product and an electronic control system and packaging allow strict monitoring of the quality of pap.


Experience and competence of the team of experts have made over the years to expand the portfolio of modern conventional pap Welding products, including highly specialized products (eg properties that inhibit the spread of fire production technology protected by European Patent EP 0634515).


Brand IZOLMAT a response to the needs of the market - the offer includes not only selling products, but also comprehensive service, including Professional technical consulting, system warranty and training opportunities in the field of waterproofing.


To help in the selection of correct and economically optimal solutions, the company specialists have developed guidelines for the design and execution of pap weldable insulation - insulation systems IZOLMAT. They contain cutting-edge design solutions in the field of waterproofing roofs, foundations and terraces, both for newly constructed buildings and renovations. IZOLMAT also boasts a modern management system in the production and sale of simultaneous attention to environmental protection.


The basis of the brand are the reliability and flexibility of use, rigorously enforced quality control system, as well as the competence, confidence and mutual understanding in dealing with clients. The core brand's sales IZOLMAT a Polish and German market. The high quality of Gdansk Paper also appreciated by consumers from the eastern and southern European countries.


In 2014, as a result of the ongoing process since 2012, merged PPMB IZOLMAT

Sp. z oo company IZOHAN Sp. z oo


IZOHAN specializes in the production of coating of waterproofing materials for 25 years. In 2006 he joined the structures of ATLAS Group, and in 2013 took over the Business Unit waterproofing materials Nexler.


The integration of brands IZOHAN, Nexler and IZOLMAT helped to develop the unique competencies for the development of products and markets within the ATLAS Group. By consolidating IZOHAN has become the unquestioned leader on the Polish market in terms of wide product range.



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