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A house constructed of solid stone walls. clients came to us looking for quotation to Externally insulate their come, one of the main reasons they came to us was because they were using the heat in their home nearly 24/7 and as a result were spending huge amounts of money on home heating oil. 

we assesed there house and recommended to them that the insulate the house to bring it up to current standards and also to help them save money on their heating bills. 

the main house of solid wall construction was fitted with 100mm (4 inches) of external insulation. the window cills were replaced with a metal profile cill powder coated white. the walls were then plaster base coated, meshed, primed and finally finshed with an acrylic render finish. 

The new extension to the rear which contained a kitchen was cavity pumped with insulation. the attic of this house had very little insulation so it was also fitted with 200mm of fibreglass wool insulation. 

now their home is fully insulated and up to standard and they now stand to see savings of up to 50% in their home heating and energy costs.



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