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Typical two storey house of solid concrete wall construction and newly built cavity wall extension to the side and rear. client came looking for solution to a bad damp problem they were having in their sitting from. water was, over time seeping in through external cracks in the walls.

When water/moisture makes its way through a wall and meets the warm air on the inside of the wall, this is known as the dew point. this moisture then turns to mould and stains the walls internally. it was can washed away for a short period of time but will always return because the damp problem is still there. the client needed to solve this problem.

By fitting 100mm of external insulation to the external walls of the house, we were covering over all these cracks and sealing the house. this means that there is now a barrier which prevents rain and moisture from getting to the walls of the house, and in time will help eliminate the damp from the walls completely.

Not only is it stopping moisture from entering the walls of the house, it is also more importantly helping to keep the heat inside. this means that any heat generated inside is kept inside. unlike before when the heat was just escaping through the walls. now our clients stand to save up to 50% on their home heating costs annually.



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